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WCS scientists publish hundreds of studies each year. Below is list of recent published studies with links. Please contact the WCS Communications department for more information on any of the studies or to speak with the authors.

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March 2017

Title: Trade-offs between data resolution, accuracy, and cost when choosing information to plan reserves for coral reef ecosystems

Author(s): Vivitskaia J. Tulloch, Carissa J. Klein, Stacy D. Jupiter, Ayesha I.T. Tulloch, Chris Roelfsema, Hugh P. Possingham

February 2017

Title: An indicator-based adaptive management framework and its development for data-limited fisheries in Belize

Author(s): Gavin McDonald, Bill Harford, Alejandro Arrivillaga, Elizabeth A. Babcock, Ramon Carcamo, James Foley, Rod Fujita, Todd Gedamke, Janet Gibson, Kendra Karr, Julie Robinson, Jono Wilson

January 2017

Title: Balancing housing growth and land conservation: Conservation development preserves private lands near protected areas

Author(s): Miranda H. Mockrin, Sarah E. Reed, Liba Pejchar, Salo Jessica

Title: Developing locally managed marine areas: Lessons learnt from Kenya, Ocean & Coastal Management

Author(s): Joan A. Kawaka, Melita A. Samoilys, Michael Murunga, Julie Church, Carolyne Abunge, George Waweru Maina

December 2016

Title: Chilean Wetlands: Biodiversity, Endemism, and Conservation Challenges

Author(s): Alejandra Figueroa Manuel Contreras Bárbara Saavedra Carmen Espoz

Title: Landscape trends in small mammal occupancy in the Makira–Masoala protected areas, northeastern Madagascar

Author(s): Asia J. Murphy, Steven M. Goodman, Zach J. Farris, Sarah M. Karpanty, VonjyAndrianjakarivelo, Marcella J. Kelly

Title: Multiple processes drive genetic structure of humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) populations across spatial scales

Author(s): Kershaw, F., Carvalho, I., Loo, J., Pomilla, C., Best, P. B., Findlay, K. P., Cerchio, S., Collins, T., Engel, M. H., Minton, G., Ersts, P., Barendse, J., Kotze, P. G. H., Razafindrakoto, Y., Ngouessono, S., Meÿer, M., Thorton, M. and Rosenbaum, H. C.

Title: An Open Standard for Camera Trap Data

Author(s): Forrester T, O'Brien T, Fegraus E, Jansen P, Palmer J, Kays R, Ahumada J, Stern B, McShea W

Title: Effects of Recreation on Animals Revealed as Widespread through a Global Systematic Review

Author(s): Larson CL, Reed SE, Merenlender AM, Crooks KR

Title: Using certified timber extraction to benefit jaguar and ecosystem conservation

Author(s): Polisar, J., de Thoisy, B., Rumiz, D.I. et al.

Title: ‘Proposed power transmission lines in Cambodia constitute a significant new threat to the largest population of the Critically Endangered Bengal florican Houbaropsis bengalensis’

Author(s): Mahood, S.P., Silva, J.P., Dolman, P.M. and Burnside, R.J.

Title: Multiple Factors Affect Socioeconomics and Wellbeing of Artisanal Sea Cucumber Fishers

Author(s): Purcell SW, Ngaluafe P, Foale SJ, Cocks N, Cullis BR, Lalavanua W

Title: Three new species of Leptohyphes Eaton (Ephemeroptera: Leptohyphidae) from Colombia

Author(s): Molineri, Carlos; Zuniga, Maria del Carmen; Ramos, Blanca C.; Giraldo, Lina P.; Cardona, William

Title: Eating and conserving bushmeat in Africa

Author(s): Wilkie, David S.; Wieland, Michelle; Boulet, Hubert; Le Bel, Sebastien; van Vliet, Nathalie; Cornelis, Daniel; BriacWarnon, Vincent; Nasi, Robert; Fa, John E.

Title: Seeking convergence on the key concepts in "no net loss' policy

Author(s): Bull, Joseph W.; Gordon, Ascelin; Watson, James E. M.; Maron, Martine

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