NEW YORK (June 21, 2017) – The National Sculpture Society (NSS) and WCS’s Central Park Zoo will host a sculpture safari on Sunday, June 25th for a full day of live sculpture demonstrations by animal sculptors at key locations within the zoo.

Wildlife large and small will be on view for the crowds and sketched in clay by some of the country's leading sculptors.

The seven accomplished animal sculptors modeling in the wild at Central Park Zoo include Mark Edward Adams, Roger A. Martin, Gary Lee Price, Stephanie Revennaugh, Paul Rhymer, David H. Turner and T.D. Kelsey.

The artists will be positioned in various locations throughout the zoo, engaging with animals and public alike. Careful observers of animal behavior and anatomy, the seven sculptors are experienced at modeling en plein air, or outdoors, as a way to best study their subjects in their natural environments.

NSS is encouraging future sculptors to try to see animals through the eyes of an artist; tables will be set up and clay provided for children to work alongside the sculptors.

Several other professional NSS sculptors – including the organization’s president and vice president – will be on hand to help visitors interested in trying sculpting and to answer questions.

Staff of the Central Park Zoo’s Education Department will be on hand to answer questions about the animals.

The zoo boasts a great collection of sculpture. Situated around the grounds, visitors will see work by some of the finest sculptors of the 20th century. The Delacorte Clock Tower graces the entrance to the Tisch Children's Zoo and consists of five bronze beasts playing musical instruments while two rascally monkeys gong the bell overhead. Created by Andrea Spadini (1912-1983), the animals are programmed to rotate on a circular track and perform along to one of 32 nursery rhymes that musically chime out. The mesmerizing sculpture has been enchanting zoo-goers since 1965 with its performances on the hour and half-hour. 

In small pockets and pedestrian areas of the zoo, visitors will also see other sculptures of interest. Tigress and Cubs by Auguste Cain (1822-1894) is installed near the outdoor cafe; Dancing Goat and Honey Bear by Frederick G. R. Roth (1872-1944) reside in wall niches near the Delacorte Clock; and the Lehman Gates, which is the formal entrance to the zoo, features the work of Paul Manship (1885-1966). Intricate reliefs adorn the sides of the other zoo buildings and two concrete eagles flank a popular walkway; all designed by Roth, who was the chief sculptor of NYC Parks & Recreation in the 1920s and 1930s.

To attend the sculpture safari or for more information, visit Central Park Zoo or go to the NSS website.