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Global Ambition for a 30x30 Protection Target
by Madhu Rao
Protected and Conserved Areas have a critically important role as we emerge from the global pandemic and seek to recalibrate humanity’s relationship with nature, by securing biodiversity, reversing degradation, and restoring natural ecosystems.
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Origin Story—Where Did SARS-CoV-2 Come From?
by Amanda Fine
For The Economist's "Babbage" podcast on the science and technology making the news, WCS's Amanda Fine joins health policy editor Natasha Loder to discuss the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Time for Governments to Take Biodiversity Loss as Seriously as Climate Change
by Janice Weatherley-Singh
Together with climate change, the world is also facing a biodiversity crisis, which captured less attention. But efforts made by governments to tackle the climate crisis show that action is possible when there is sufficient political will.
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Coronavirus: Do Cry Over Spillovers
by Christian Walzer
We have not co-evolved with the species you find at new interfaces between people and wildlife, WCS's Christian Walzer tells Bill Nye on his popular podcast Science Rules! as they take a deep dive into pandemic spillover and how to prevent it.
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To Confront the U.S. Border Crisis, Save Central America's Forests
by Jeremy Radachowsky
In a new commentary for Scientific American, WCS’s Jeremy Radachowsky argues that climate change and other environmental threats are destabilizing Central America and helping drive mass northward migration
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Qikiqtagruk: Almost an Island
by Lauren E. Oakes
WCS's Lauren Oakes listens to three generations of an Iñupiat family in Kotzebue, Alaska discuss the transformations and losses in their community that have resulted from climate change and COVID-19.
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New decisions by global conservation group bolster efforts to save Africa’s elephants
by Fiona Maisels, Robin Whytock
In a new commentary for The Conversation, WCS's Fiona Maisels writes that two big decisions have been made in the last few weeks in relation to African elephants that will have major implications for the survival of the giant mammals.
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Flying to Save Africa’s Wildlife
by Soqui Mendiguetti Petraglia
In a Women's History Month blog for PBS Nature, WCS's lone female aviator, Soqui Mendiguetti Petraglia, describes her experience surveying the world's second biggest land mammal migration in South Sudan as "like flying over a moving carpet of wildlife."
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The Vast Viral World: What We Know (and Don’t Know)
by Lauren Oakes
Scientists made history this year by developing an effective vaccine against COVID-19 less than a year after the first images of coronavirus were available. It was basic science research that laid the foundation for such an unprecedented response.
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One Woman’s Journey To Become A Forest Conservationist
by Jeni Pareira
In a new blog for Women's History Month, WCS Indonesia's Jeni Pareira argues that "only if local government, private sector companies, and rural communities work together can we develop sustainable solutions to the challenges facing forests and farmers."
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A Passionate Calling to Protect Marine Species
by Martha Hiatt
"My job has been exciting and filled with opportunity," notes WCS's Martha Hiatt in a blog for PBS Nature for Women's History Month. "I have worked with extraordinary animals, in some cases knowing them as babies until their last days."
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Put People at the Centre of Forest Restoration
by Cristián Samper, Tanya Steele, Patricia Zurita
In a new op-ed for International Day of Forests, WCS CEO Cristian Samper, together with his fellow CEOs at Birdlife International and WWF/UK, notes that the world is finally waking up to the extent of our dependency as human beings on forests as complex, life-sustaining eco-systems.
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Never Waste a Good Failure: Barriers to Learning (Part 1)
by Heidi Kretser, Allison Catalano, Jon Fisher
In the first of a 2-part series on learning from failure, WCS's Heidi Kretser and colleagues argue that “If we don’t make time to reflect on what went wrong, we miss a valuable opportunity to turn a past failure into a future success.”
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Never Waste a Good Failure: Opportunities for Learning (Part 2)
by Heidi Kretser, Allison Catalano, Jon Fisher
In the second of a 2-part series on learning from failure, WCS's Heidi Kretser and colleagues encourage conservationists to "think of success and failure as positioned along a spectrum rather than a binary choice."
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Jaguar Habitat Rediscovered in Arizona and New Mexico
by Eric Sanderson
For a time, it seemed that jaguars had been lost from the US for good, but a new study led by WCS's Eric Sanderson found that there is a lot more potential habitat than was previously recognized: a habitat block traversing Arizona and New Mexico equivalent to the size of South Carolina awaits the jaguar’s return.
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How One Woman Inspires Future Animal Caretakers
by Kathleen LaMattina
In a blog at PBS Nature for Women's History Month, WCS's Kathleen LaMattina notes that "although my titles may have changed over the years, the goal is the same: to educate people on the beauty of the natural world and about the animals that so desperately need our help."
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