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A Wild Animal Keeper Embraces a Life of Animal Encounters
by Alonzo Johnson
"Throughout my zoo keeping journey," writes WCS's Alonzo Johnson in a blog for PBS Nature, "I have met the most amazing people who are furthering our collective dream of securing a better world for every last creature here."
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A Childhood Tiger Encounter Forges a Zoo Keeper
by Lauren Del Grosso
In a new blog for National Zoo Keeper Week, the Bronx Zoo's Lauren Del Grosso notes, "I am proud to be a member of a group that cares as deeply about their work as the zookeeper profession. If you love animals, feel a calling to their welfare, and hope to inspire the public to make a commitment to conservation, perhaps this is a profession for you as well."
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Stingray Species Range Expands in Eastern Pacific
by Jeanne Brown
A species of stingray previously thought to be found only in Eastern Tropical Pacific coastal waters ranging from Mexico to Panama, has been observed south of its known range in a marine protected area in coastal Colombia.
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Protecting Indigenous Forest Rights in Papua New Guinea
by Thomas Mutton
While the Great Central Forest is globally recognized as a Key Biodiversity Area for its interlinked ecological, cultural, and wildlife values, tensions have arisen due to foreign logging operations that conflict with Indigenous land rights.
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Showcasing Latam Environmentalists
by Daniela Droguett Caro
Only 33 people work for WCS in Chile. Funding is a constant issue, as is making sure that conservation stays on the agenda of politicians and decision makers. One of the biggest problems is the invasion of exotic species which are wiping out the indigenous animals.
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Conservation, Not Exploitation: Shifting the Discussion About Sharks
by Luke Warwick
By shifting the conversation from the threat that sharks allegedly represent to the threats sharks face themselves, we can begin to reverse decades of fear and misinformation about these poorly understood and underappreciated animals.
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Environmental Laws in Canada Fall Short of Addressing the Ongoing Biodiversity Crisis
by Justina Ray, Andrea Olive, Jaime Grimm
When Canada developed its first national Biodiversity Strategy in 1995, it did so under the assumption that a strong foundation of laws and policies was already in place. Twenty-five years later, writes WCS's Justina Ray and colleagues, prevailing biodiversity trends indicate otherwise.
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Community Science Is Helping Track Wolverines in the Cascades
by Matthew Scrafford
As community scientists, biologists, and trained trackers become better able to identify wolverine tracks in the snow, we hope to collect ever more reliable data on the extent to which wolverines are living and thriving in Washington state and develop strategies to conserve them here and throughout their range.
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Conservationists Want to Bring Wily Wolverines Back to the Rockies
by Brent Brock
In a new op-ed for Live Science, WCS's Brent Brock argues that we must "work together to bring wolverines back to Colorado after a century-long absence and ensure their long-term survival as an iconic ambassador for the Wild Rockies."
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Conserving Marine Ecosystems Through India's Wild Life Protection Act Is Not Very Effective
by Shivani Swami
India's Wild Life Protection Act needs to be better tailored to adequately protect marine species and habitats, while also keeping in mind the needs of coastal communities that are dependent on marine resources, writes WCS's Shivani Swami.
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In Gabon, a New Partnership for Sharks and Rays Announced on World Oceans Day
by Gaspard Abitsi, Godefroy De Bruyne, Luke Warwick
The diversity of habitat in Gabon’s waters creates a perfect home for a wide range of shark and ray species: from whale sharks to giant manta rays, scalloped hammerheads, and guitarfish.
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Let's Rebuild the U.S. Jaguar Population—Yes, Jaguars
by Eric Sanderson
In a new commentary for Scientific American, WCS's Eric Sanderson argues that while most Americans are probably surprised that we still share a country with these magnificent big cats, they will need help to survive
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A Plan to Save the World’s Sharks and Rays
by Luke Warwick
In a new commentary introducing WCS's new global Shark and Ray conservation strategy on World Oceans Day, WCS's Luke Warwick warns, "If we don’t act now, we will lose the remaining populations of these slow-growing predators forever."
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How Mount Kilimanjaro and We Can Save Corals
by Tim McClanahan
In a commentary for World Oceans Day, WCS's Tim McClanahan explores how ancient runoff from Mt. Kilimanjaro contributed to marine channels that today help to provide a climate refuge to coral reefs in the Western Indian Ocean.
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Why Fiji’s ‘Green’ Recovery From Covid-19 Must Prioritize the Ocean
by Sangeeta Mangubhai
As the world begins to recover from the COVID pandemic, argues WCS's Sangeeta Mangubhai, the timing is perfect for countries to go beyond a “green” recovery to design a way forward that also prioritizes the world’s marine ecosystems.
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Can Biden’s 30×30 Plan Put U.S. on a Positive Conservation Track?
by Joe Walston
In a new episode of the Mongabay podcast, WCS's Joe Walston tells us that the Biden 30×30 plan has been welcomed by environmentalists, even though many important details of the plan still need to be hammered out.
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