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July 7 - World Heritage Committee Meeting Shows Challenges for the World’s Treasured Places and Reasons for Hope

The mood at the annual meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee—the decision-making body of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention— has been both encouraging and disheartening.

July 7 - The Great Barrier Reef Isn’t Listed As ‘In Danger’ – But It’s Still in Big Trouble

In a somewhat surprising decision, UNESCO ruled this week that the Great Barrier Reef – one of the Earth’s great natural wonders – should not be listed as “World Heritage in Danger”.

July 2 - Earth’s Wildernesses Are Disappearing, and Not Enough of Them Are World Heritage-Listed

Earth’s last intact wilderness areas are being rapidly destroyed. Roughly 10 percent of total wilderness has been lost in the past two decades. If this continues, the consequences will be catastrophic.

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The Wonders of the WCS NY Aquarium: An Ongoing Picture Blog

January 20, 2017

The above photo, taken on an overcast day in January, shows the structural steel in place for supporting the future Shimmer Wall. Adjustments and modifications are in the process of being made before cabling is installed to hold the 33,000 aluminum panels that will be the most prominent feature of the building's facade. Credit: NYA OWS Site Camera January 18, 2017

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