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  • Study Pinpoints Arctic Shorebird DeclineStudy Pinpoints Arctic Shorebird Decline

    (Fairbanks, Alaska - November 20, 2017) A new study co-authored by WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) addresses concerns over the many Arctic shorebird populations in precipitous decline. Evident from the study is that monitoring and protection of habitat where the birds breed, winter, and stopover is critical to their survival and to that of a global migration spectacle.

  • New “Trillion Trees” Partnership Calls for Global Efforts To Protect and Restore 1 Trillion Trees

    November 15, 2017 –– The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), WWF, and BirdLife International today launched the Trillion Trees programme, a 25-year initiative to help implement and scale global forest commitments and spur greater ambitions towards protecting and restoring one trillion trees by 2050—the number needed to reverse the global decline in tree cover.

  • WCS Releases Heartbreaking Video of Rescued African Gray Parrots Destined for Pet TradeWCS Releases Heartbreaking Video of Rescued African Gray Parrots Destined for Pet Trade

    November 14, 2017 – WCS has released heartbreaking footage of rescued African gray parrots from the Republic of Congo where thousands were destined for the illegal pet trade. 

  • WCS Urges Senate Committee to Reject Arctic Refuge Drilling LegislationWCS Urges Senate Committee to Reject Arctic Refuge Drilling Legislation

    WASHINGTON (Nov. 13, 2017) – WCS today released a letter sent to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Chair Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Ranking Member Maria Cantwell (D-WA), urging a rejection of pending legislation to open portions of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas development. 


    (Koh Kong, Cambodia - 13 November 2017) –The Royal Government of Cambodia’s Fisheries Administration (FiA), WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society), Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), and the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) announced today the release of 25 Royal Turtles into their natural habitat in the Sre Ambel river system—the only place in Cambodia where this species is found.

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November 10 - Madidi is Madidi: Discovering the Biodiversity of a Record-Breaking Park

Working in Bolivia's Madidi National Park, WCS's Rob Wallace considers himself privileged every day to see a life form he has not yet encountered and, sometimes, to discover a species new to the scientific community.

November 3 - What Is Making All That Arctic Noise?

The WCS Arctic Beringia program is exploring the impacts of noise on marine mammals and how that affects both their health and vitality and that of our indigenous partners.

November 2 - Climate Proofing Conservation Landscapes in Western Uganda

In a small corner in western Uganda live farmers of the Murchison-Semliki Landscape, which WCS is trying to climate-proof for the benefit of the parks and people around it.

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The Wonders of the WCS NY Aquarium: An Ongoing Picture Blog

January 20, 2017

The above photo, taken on an overcast day in January, shows the structural steel in place for supporting the future Shimmer Wall. Adjustments and modifications are in the process of being made before cabling is installed to hold the 33,000 aluminum panels that will be the most prominent feature of the building's facade. Credit: NYA OWS Site Camera January 18, 2017

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