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  • Three Men Selling a Tiger Skin Arrested in West Lampung, IndonesiaThree Men Selling a Tiger Skin Arrested in West Lampung, Indonesia

    Lampung, Indonesia (September 28, 2016) Lampung Barat Police in collaboration with Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park rangers (BBSNP), WCS-Wildlife Crimes Unit (WCU) and Rhino Protection Unit (RPU) arrested three suspects and confiscated a Sumatran Tiger  skin found on sale in the West Lampung area on September 20, 2016.

  • CITES CoP17: Victory Today for PangolinsCITES CoP17: Victory Today for Pangolins

    JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – (September 28, 2016) – WCS applauds the vote today to list all 8 species of pangolins in CITES Appendix I—the highest level of protection afforded by the treaty and a recognition that unfortunately, the species is indeed now threatened with extinction. 

  •  American Bison Society Releases Report Card American Bison Society Releases Report Card

    Banff (September 27, 2016). Celebrating its tenth year since re-establishing in 2006, the American Bison Society (ABS) issued a “report card” highlighting major milestones reached during the renewed tenure of ABS. The report card was released at the ABS Meeting and Workshop – taking place for the first time in Canada, on September 26-29 in Banff National Park.

  • A Wildlife Crisis: Flying IvoryA Wildlife Crisis: Flying Ivory

    Sept. 26, 2016 -- The Indonesian Government is scheduled to propose a resolution at CITES Cop17 on Tuesday, Sept 27, to ask for stricter enforcement from all nations to prevent the helmeted hornbill from going extinct.

  • CITES CoP17: Conservationists Urge Immediate Action to End Poaching of Ploughshare TortoiseCITES CoP17: Conservationists Urge Immediate Action to End Poaching of Ploughshare Tortoise

    JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - September 26, 2016 - Unless the government of Madagascar takes swift action to enforce international anti-poaching and anti-trafficking laws, the country’s largest tortoise—the ploughshare tortoise (or angonoka tortoise)—will likely go extinct in the wild within the next two years. 

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September 27 - East of Siberia: By Chance, Food and Shelter

For a trip into the wilderness, writes WCS's Jon Slaght, there is often little time for planning. "In those cases, I’m especially vulnerable to the whims of the road and truly dependent on the kindness of strangers."

September 27 - Addressing Threats to Latin American Species at CITES CoP17

Latin America is home to 40 percent of the world’s biodiversity, yet sadly many existing species are illegally harvested and trafficked to meet national and international demand.

September 26 - The Ploughshare Tortoise’s Countdown to Extinction

WCS and conservation partners call upon CITES party governments to take action to safeguard the ploughshare tortoise’s continued existence as it faces imminent annihilation.

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The Wonders of the WCS NY Aquarium: An Ongoing Picture Blog

Sept 23, 2016

The installation of the precast concrete panels is almost complete on the Ocean Wonders: Sharks! exterior. The next major milestone will be the installation of the steel framework that will eventually hold the building’s Shimmer Wall a beautiful piece of kinetic artwork which will span 1,100 feet and wrap the outside of the building with 30,000 movable aluminum tiles.

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