Bronx, NY – April 20, 2018 – The Bronx Zoo is hosting a series of spring events called “Boogie Down at the Bronx Zoo” celebrating the diverse culture and history of the Bronx. In a new series of digital documentary videos produced by the Bronx Zoo in collaboration with Cutters Studios, featured performers and artists reveal why the Bronx and the Bronx Zoo were so important to them growing up, and how the Bronx Zoo is integral to the fabric of all cultures represented in the Bronx. 


The first two videos in the series featuring hip-hop pioneers Grandmaster Caz and Grandmaster Melle Mel are posted on the Boogie Down event website here: and others will be added through the course of the event.


For media use: downloadable files can be found here:


For more than 120 years, the Bronx has been the birthplace of culture that has changed history and created movements. From humble beginnings, the Bronx is the home of global legends and leaders that have had a profound influence on the world through hip hop, breakdancing, doo wop, street art, salsa, AND wildlife conservation.


Boogie Down at the Bronx Zoo presents a variety of cultural contributions that have resonated from the Bronx. Starting on Saturday and Sunday, April 21 and 22, and continuing weekends from May 5 through June 3, artists and performers from a diverse representation of Bronx cultures will be on-site to celebrate the Bronx Zoo, Bronx culture, and wildlife.


For tickets and a full schedule of performances, activities and themed weekends, visit


Cutters Studios: The video series was created in collaboration with Cutters Studios. The New York office of international creative company Cutters Studios is very proud to partner with the Bronx Zoo/WCS creative team for the Boogie Down at Bronx Zoo video promotions, each of which has been edited by Steve Bell. With picture and audio finishing also among the services Cutters is providing, deliverables also include a music video set for release in the days ahead for the original “Animals and MCs” music track from Grandmaster Melle Mel and Grandmaster Caz.


Windows of Hip Hop (WOHH) is a nonprofit, Bronx based economic development project promoting the educational, communal, and historical perspective of Hip Hop. Our ultimate goal is to create a state of the art, fully interactive, educational institution dedicated to Hip Hop in the Bronx. To learn more about Windows of Hip Hop, Inc, a Hip Hop Initiative, go to Follow @WindowsofHipHop.


Project Credits: 2018 Boogie Down at Bronx Zoo Video Campaign




Bronx Zoo/Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

Executive Creative Director: Gary Baker
Executive Producer: Natalie Cash
Director of Photography: Jeff Morey


Cutters Studios

Editorial, Audio and Finishing Company: Cutters Studios
Editor: Steve Bell
Assistant Editors: Kelly Wessel, Austin Rauterkus
Producer: Stephanie Rose
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Krajewski
Flame Artist: Moises Tavera
Audio Mixer: TJ Dumser