Want to help the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo raise money for local shark research in time for “Shark Week”? Here’s how.

The Bronx Zoo was selected as one of the top 10 finalists in AZA’s Party for the Planet: Spring into Action video competition. Party for the Planet is a way for AZA and its members to engage the larger community in our efforts to protect wildlife and wild places. Between Earth Day and World Oceans Day, more than 140 events engaged over 4,000 families in beach and community clean-ups, invasive species removal, and planting native and pollinator-friendly plants. The summer, the Bronx Zoo partnered with the Bronx River Alliance to organize a clean-up of the Bronx River with local families. This video captures the spirit of the day and the impact it had on local families.

The Bronx River is one of the areas where we work through the WCS’s New York Seascape Program, a local marine conservation initiative based at our sister facility, the WCS New York Aquarium. Please vote for the “WCS-Bronx Zoo” video. If we win, we will award $25,000 to the New York Seascape program to support their work to conserve local species from river herrings to sharks, right here in New York

You can view the “WCS-Bronx Zoo” video and cast your vote here:  https://www.aza.org/partyfortheplanetcontest  Voting is now open and will end on Wednesday, July 31, at 11:59 pm EDT.