The following congratulatory statement was released by Dr. John Robinson, WCS’s Executive Vice President for Conservation and Science:

“The entire Wildlife Conservation Society team extends congratulations to our colleague Dr. Stacy Jupiter for being named a 2019 MacArthur Fellow. Stacy is wonderfully deserving of this award.

“Stacy is a champion for the world’s ocean, using science to develop pragmatic solutions for wildlife, people, and coastal ecosystems. What makes Stacy a great scientist and conservationist is her understanding of the importance of integrating cultural practices and science to solve complex problemsspecifically the challenges brought on by such threats as overfishing and climate change. And what makes her successful and loved by those who work with her is that she understands more than most the importance of collaboration with her colleagues and with the communities where she works.

“Stacy joined WCS 11 years ago and has grown into a leader on our highly effective Global Marine Program. She is director of our Melanesia Regional Program in the Pacific with a focus on Fiji, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea.

“At WCS, we take much pride in Stacy’s innovative approaches to develop solutions for sustainable coastal management; her work focused on locally managed marine areas; and her extensive expertise in coral reef remote sensing, resource assessments, marine protected area network design, integrated land-sea planning, and managing for coral reef resilience.
“While this MacArthur Fellows honor is a testament to Stacy’s current body of work and science, I am confident that she will continue to develop and advance even more solutions ensuring that humanity and our world’s ocean exist in harmony.”