Bronx, NY - May 22, 2020 - Animal Planet’s THE ZOO, the first-ever series to go behind the scenes at the world-famous Bronx Zoo, moves to the new time of 8PM ET/PT beginning this Saturday, May 23. The series documents an unscripted look at the knowledge and diverse skills needed to operate a zoo, the close relationship between the keepers and animals, and the day-to-day activities at the Bronx Zoo as it focuses on the importance of zoos and aquariums to a wide range of global wildlife conservation efforts.     In the May 23 episode, two newborn fawns form a special bond when hand-reared together at the zoo’s health center; Khazo, an Amur leopard, relishes more keeper interaction thanks to a new enhancement in her exhibit; and skill and experience are evident as the reptile staff draw blood from a pair of Cuban crocodiles for a genetic testing program with the American Museum of Natural History. 

U.S audiences can view new episodes each week, in addition to streaming all previous seasons of THE ZOO in their entirety, on the Animal Planet GO app.