WCS will hold a media briefing to demonstrate a new groundbreaking, publicly available mapping tool that measures ecological integrity for all the world’s forests: the Forest Landscape Integrity Index. The index is described in a corresponding study to be published in Nature Communications revealing that globally, only 40 percent of forests are considered to have high integrity. The study’s lead author will show how the tool works, and three co-authors will discuss its significance to conservation of intact forests.  


  • Dr. Hedley Grantham, WCS Director of Conservation Planning and lead author of Nature Communications study
  • Dr. Emma Stokes, WCS Regional Director for Central Africa
  • Dr. Tom Evans, WCS Forest and Climate Change Lead
  • Dr. Jamison Ervin, Manager of Nature for Development, UNDP

WHAT: Experts will discuss the results of the study, and give a live demonstration of the Forest Landscape Integrity Index. The panel will also discuss the Index’s relevance for planning and monitoring of forests, and discuss its relevance to global policy, such as The Convention on Biodiversity, United Nations Framework on Climate Change Convention and Sustainable Development Goals.

WHERE: Via Zoom

WHEN: Tuesday, December 8th, 8 a.m. ET

BACKGROUND: The Forest Landscape Integrity Index brought together 47 forest and conservation experts from across the world and is a result of rapid advances in remote sensing, big data, and cloud computing. The index allows users to analyze global patterns and to hone in on local areas. It will make the condition of the world’s remaining forests visible to everyone for the first time, and support targeted action to conserve, manage and restore them.

The index will be described in Nature Communications (embargoed until 11 am ET on December 8th – view preprint here)