Dubai, Dec. 2, 2023 – The following statement was issued by WCS President and CEO Monica Medina concerning the US Administration’s announcement today of a new $3 Billion pledge to the Green Climate Fund, the largest fund supporting climate action in developing countries:

“Today’s announcement at COP28 by Vice President Kamala Harris that the Biden-Harris Administration will pledge an additional $3 billion in funding to the Green Climate Fund is an important step to help vulnerable communities around the world. WCS applauds this Administration’s commitment to comprehensive climate action and climate diplomacy. However, to ensure the fulfilment of this pledge, WCS urges the US Congress to move swiftly to appropriate the needed funds. 

“The Green Climate Fund importantly is committed to increasing support for vulnerable communities through nature-based solutions. Ecological integrity is a key component of nature-based solutions which also delivers on the global goal of protecting and conserving at least 30% of nature by 2030.”