New York, March 15, 2024 — Two lambs are debuting at the Central Park Zoo, Bobbin and Sage.

Born this winter, Bobbin, 7 weeks old; and Sage, 3 weeks old have joined a flock of 8 adult sheep in the Tisch Children’s Zoo.

Bobbin and Sage are harlequin sheep, a new breed for Central Park Zoo since 2022. Harlequin sheep were developed in Virginia about 40 years ago through crossbreeding eight different breeds to produce a hardy, docile, miniature polled (hornless) sheep suited for small scale farms. They are known for the variety of colors in their coats and their fine wool.  They are also increasingly popular for 4H and FFA participants developing their skills.

Currently, the Central Park Zoo has three breeds of sheep: harlequin; Shetland; and southdown.

Thimble and Gray Seal are the parents of Bobbin; and Rosemary and Gray Seal are the parents of Sage.