Caption: New York State, City, and Bronx Borough officials and students from New York City PS 205 join the 125th birthday celebration of the Bronx Zoo.
Adults pictured from left to right: John Calvelli WCS EVP of Public Affairs; New York State Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado; Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson; New York City Commissioner of Cultural Affairs Laurie Cumbo; New York City Council Member Rafael Salamanca; and Jim Breheny, Director of the Bronx Zoo
Credit: Bronx Zoo

Bronx, NY, April 18, 2024 – As the Bronx Zoo celebrates its 125th year, a host of city, state and Bronx Borough officials are offering congratulations to the park's long history of conservation and education successes, along with its economic impact on local communities.

The Bronx Zoo has welcomed more than 260 million visitors since opening in 1899. On an annual basis, it welcomes over half a million kids and employs more than 750 youth. As the largest employer of youth in the Bronx, thousands of Bronxites have launched their lifelong careers at the zoo.

Hear what state, city and borough officials are saying about the Bronx Zoo:

United States Representative Ritchie Torres:
"On its 125th anniversary, the Bronx Zoo has never been stronger. A force of nature in our community and an essential visit for any tourists coming to our borough, it's no wonder why its lasted for so long. From educating our youth about sustainability to giving a new generation of Bronxites an unrelenting appreciation for wildlife, the Bronx Zoo is a shining of example of the Bronx at its best."

New York State Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado:
"I am honored to join the celebration as we mark the 125th anniversary of the Bronx Zoo. For generations, this institution has served as a world leader in education, science, and conservation. The Bronx Zoo has inspired generations of families, including my own, to reconnect with nature and recommit to protecting our planet. Here’s to more than a century of exploration, discovery, and sustainability in the heart of the Bronx." 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams:
"For 125 years, New Yorkers and tourists have been able to study and enjoy a multitude of exotic creatures from across the globe right here in the Bronx. The Bronx Zoo is a true New York City gem that creates a space for kids, and New Yorkers from across the five boroughs, to foster ideas, learn about nature, and, most importantly, have fun. Congratulations to the Bronx Zoo on their 125th anniversary and here's to 125 more!"

Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson:
“The Bronx Zoo is one of our premier cultural institutions in the Bronx and we are proud to celebrate its 125th anniversary. The zoo is an opportunity for our youth and families to engage in exploratory learning and explore over 265 acres dedicated to over 6,000 species of wildlife. We are so grateful for their partnership and their commitment to supporting our communities.” 

New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera:
"I want to send my heartfelt congratulations to the Bronx Zoo on their 125th anniversary. For more than a century, the Zoo is a gem of our borough and has served as one of our City's premiere cultural institutions. The Zoo is a renowned center of critical wildlife conservation efforts and important educational activities for people from all walks of life and from all over the world. Also, I want to thank the Wildlife Conservation Society for their groundbreaking work to protect the many endangered species that have a home at the Zoo."

New York State Senator Jose M. Serrano:
"For 125 years, the Bronx Zoo has been an important educational destination in New York City, offering the opportunity to observe and learn about wildlife up close. Their commitment to wildlife conservation, education, and advocacy has provided needed enrichment for individuals and families from all over the world. I congratulate the Bronx Zoo on this important milestone, and I look forward to many more years of conservation, education, and advocacy for wildlife."

New York State Senator Nathalia Fernandez:
"As we celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Bronx Zoo, we honor not just a cherished Bronx landmark but a world-renowned center of education, conservation, and imagination," said State Senator Nathalia Fernandez. "For generations, the Bronx Zoo has brought the wonders of the natural world right to our doorstep and continues to enlighten and inspire our communities with its diverse array of animals, pioneering exhibitions, educational programming, and world-class wildlife health center. Here's to a vital educational resource and community asset, continuing its legacy of captivating our communities for years to come."

New York State Senator Luis R. Sepúlveda:
"As the Bronx Zoo celebrates its remarkable 125-year legacy, we applaud its commitment to conservation, education, and the well-being of wildlife. The opening of Animal Chronicles represents not just an exhibit, but a testament to the Zoo's dedication to connecting people with nature and safeguarding endangered species. Here's to another 125 years of inspiring generations and protecting our planet's precious biodiversity."

New York State Assembly Member Jeffrey Dinowitz:
"As we honor the remarkable milestone of the Bronx Zoo's 125th Anniversary, we celebrate not just a landmark institution but a cherished community cornerstone. For over a century, the Bronx Zoo has been more than a place of wonder; it's been a beacon of education, conservation, and joy for generations of Bronxites and beyond. Its enduring presence speaks volumes about the power of dedication and the profound impact of community engagement. Here's to 125 years of enriching lives, fostering connections, and nurturing a deep love for wildlife and our shared planet. Happy Anniversary, Bronx Zoo!"

New York State Assembly Member George Alvarez:
"It is great to see the Bronx Zoo hit its 125th anniversary milestone! Their new Animal Chronicles exhibit will capture the zoo's journey from its founding to now while bringing new activities to its guests. The Bronx Zoo has been a cherished friend to District 78 and the entire world."

New York State Assembly Member John Zaccaro Jr.:
“I am proud to congratulate The Bronx Zoo on their 125th Anniversary! Since its inception in 1899, the Bronx Zoo has stood as a beacon of education and conservation not just in our city, but in the world. Generations of families from across the world have come to the Bronx Zoo to learn about and experience the beauty of the world's animals and nature. They are a national treasure and a gem of the Bronx community. Happy 125th and wishing you another 125 to come." 

New York State Assembly Member Chantel Jackson:
"Some of my favorite memories as a child were our school field trips to the Bronx Zoo. As a parent, witnessing my children's excitement for each exhibit is an absolute joy. I am honored to celebrate the Bronx Zoo's 125th anniversary. This milestone is a testament to our borough's commitment to wildlife preservation. The zoo's legacy inspires generations to cherish and protect our natural world. Here's to 125 years of wonder, education, and conservation at the heart of the Bronx!"

New York State Assembly Member Kenny Burgos:
"As the Bronx Zoo embarks on its 125th birthday celebration, let’s reflect on its profound impact in the Bronx but also the globe. This milestone is a special honor for me to experience, marking not just the zoo's longevity, but its commitment to wildlife conservation, education, and community engagement. From pioneering veterinary care to saving endangered species, the Bronx Zoo continues to be a beacon of hope, inspiring millions and transforming lives in one of the nation's most under-resourced communities."

New York State Assembly Member Michael Benedetto:
"I'm proud to have the Bronx Zoo right here in my backyard, truly a cornerstone of our borough's identity and heritage. Today April 18th, we celebrate 125 years since the Bronx Zoo started its incredible work in conservation, education, and entertainment. It has served the lives of people from around the globe, and we hope that work continues. Here's to many, many more years of success, and to the zoo continuing to be a world-wide destination for all."

New York State Assembly Member Yudelka Tapia:
"Congratulations to the 125 year anniversary of the Bronx Zoo! The Bronx Zoo has always been an invaluable cultural and economic asset to our communities. It continues to teach us the value of conservation by connecting our city with the richness and beauty of the natural world, profoundly inspiring and benefiting us all.”

New York City Council Speaker Adrianne E. Adams:
“In its 125 years of operation, the Bronx Zoo has not only provided enriching experiences to children and families but has been a crucial incubator of opportunity for Bronx residents and all New Yorkers. As the largest youth employer for youth in the Bronx, the Zoo has played a significant role in creating pathways to professional development and career exploration. I thank the Bronx Zoo for their important work to advance educational and employment opportunities, connect millions of visitors to wildlife, and educate New Yorkers on the wonders of the natural world.”

New York City Council Majority Leader Amanda Farias:
"The Bronx Zoo has long stood as one of our City’s and our borough’s most beloved institutions. From being the largest employer of young adults in the Bronx to revitalizing the American bison population from extinction—the Bronx Zoo continues to be a leader in conservation and community. Thank you for your commitment to our communities. Happy 125th Anniversary to our beloved Bronx Zoo, to many more years together!"

New York City Councilmember Rafael Salamanca:
“I am excited to be here in celebration of the Bronx Zoo’s 125th Birthday. A staple for the Bronx community, the new Animal Chronicles exhibit only strengthens the immersive, educational experience that New Yorkers have been able to enjoy for over a century. I look forward to celebrating many more milestones with the staff and the animals that call the Zoo home.”

New York City Councilmember Eric Dinowitz:
“The Bronx Zoo has long been a hallmark of New York City culture, and its coming 125th anniversary is a testament to its well-earned place in our history. Its leadership in wildlife and parks conservation, accessibility, and educational experiences has shaped the lives of hundreds of millions of visitors. Its broad expanse of cultural offerings has brought the world to the very doorsteps of millions of students, whose young minds broaden and grow with these new opportunities. We wish the Bronx Zoo a very happy 125th birthday and are excited to continue our partnership!”

New York City Councilmember Oswald Feliz:
"I am delighted by the announcement of the 125th Anniversary of the Bronx Zoo. The Bronx Zoo is one of the most notable attractions of New York City, where many people come to enjoy viewing the diverse wildlife. The Bronx Zoo has also been proactive in the community, as their employment and career readiness programs provide local youth with the tools that they need to succeed. I congratulate the Bronx Zoo for 125 years of great service and support to the District 15 community." 

New York City Councilmember Kevin Riley:
“As we commemorate the Bronx Zoo's remarkable 125-year legacy, I am honored to celebrate alongside the beloved institution and the opening of the captivating Animal Chronicles exhibit. The Bronx Zoo stands as a testament to the power of partnership, uniting communities and wildlife conservation efforts for generations. As we look to the future, let us continue to nurture this enduring partnership, ensuring that the Bronx Zoo remains a beacon of education, discovery, and conservation for years to come, enriching the lives of Bronx residents and visitors alike.”

New York City Commissioner of Cultural Affairs Laurie Cumbo:
"For 125 years, the Bronx Zoo has welcomed New Yorkers and visitors from all over to learn about and engage with the many creatures that share our planet. The city is so proud of our partnership with and investment in the work of this incredible institution, which welcomes 3.5 million yearly visitors to its grounds along with more than 1 million students, educators, and families who engage in with their science and education programs. It's also the number one youth employer in the Brons—an incredible stat that shows the power of culture to drive our economy while giving residents access to world-class experiences. Happy 125th birthday to the zoo—here’s to 125 more!" 

New York City Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue:
"The Bronx Zoo is one of the most iconic institutions in New York City, drawing visitors from all over the globe to learn about thousands of animals and interact with unique exhibits. With natural habitats at risk, the Zoo's conservation efforts are more vital than ever, as it works diligently to protect endangered species and the places they call home," said NYC Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue. "I congratulate the Zoo on 125 years of providing an oasis for the natural world in the heart of New York City and for its impactful stewardship of our planet."