Free-Flight Bird Show Set for Seven Weekends on Astor Court

ABCC to fly several avian species over the crowd on Astor Court

“Birds in Flight” will run twice a day for seven weekends starting Saturday and Sunday, May 7, 8

Additional shows on Wednesday, May 11 for the Bronx Week celebration

Media PREVIEW opportunities by appointment: Thursday, May 5 or Friday, May 6

Photos from 2015 (Photo credit: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS):

HD download b-roll from 2015: Bronx Zoo Birds In Flight Show B-roll 2015

YouTube b-roll from 2015:


Bronx, NY – May 2, 2016 – “Birds in Flight,” presented by JetBlue, will return to the Bronx Zoo’s historic Astor Court for seven weekends beginning Saturday and Sunday, May 7 and 8.

Animal Behavior & Conservation Connections (ABCC) will present two different shows each day at 11:30am and 2pm. Each show will feature different species and different behaviors.

With gorgeous colors and amazing mid-air acrobatics, macaws, condors, falcons, hawks, vultures, owls and more will demonstrate their natural flight behaviors while the presenters teach onlookers about the conservation needs of the species. Some zoo guests may have the opportunity for an even more intimate interaction with the birds as volunteers are selected from the crowd to serve as perching for some of the birds.

After each show, ABCC will offer guests the opportunity to meet some of the birds and learn more about their training, behaviors, and personalities.

“Birds in Flight” is free with a general admission ticket. In addition to the scheduled weekend shows, there will be shows on Wednesday, May 11 as part of the Bronx Week festivities and there will be shows on Monday, May 30 for the Memorial Day holiday.


·         Members of the media are invited to meet the birds and photograph/film some of the free-flight behaviors before opening weekend.

·         Media previews are available by appointment only on Thursday, May 5 and Friday, May 6.

·         Please contact Max Pulsinelli at or 571-218-7601 to schedule a time.