INDIANAPOLIS -- Dee Boersma and Joel Berger were honored here as finalists for the Indianapolis Prize on Oct. 15.

Both were recognized for their exceptional accomplishments and sacrifices as they work to protect species around the globe.

The Indianapolis Prize organizers said our world is unquestionably better off because of heroes like Dee and Joel and they hoped others will not only take notice of, but also join in their noble work to save wild things and wild places.

The Indianapolis Prize — the world’s leading award for animal conservation — highlights the Indianapolis Zoological Society Inc.’s ongoing commitment to solving global conservation challenges. 2016 Prize Winner, Dr. Carl Jones, along with Finalists, Berger, Boersma, Dr. Rodney Jackson, Dr. Carl Safina and Dr. Amanda Vincent were formally recognized at the Indianapolis Prize Gala presented by Cummins Inc.

Additionally, acclaimed actor Sigourney Weaver was recognized as the Jane Alexander Global Wildlife Ambassador Award Winner for her species advocacy and role connecting conservation to the public.

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