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Sharks and Skates and Rays

WCS researchers working on a New York Seascape study discover a female sand tiger shark, missing all its fins, swimming through Delaware Bay. The conservationists call the discovery a disturbing reminder about the ongoing threats to vulnerable shark populations around the world.

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Millions of sharks are finned every year for the global shark-fin soup trade Brooklyn, N.Y. – Jan. 7, 2011 - A photo released today by the Wildlife Conservation Society's New York Aquarium shows a finned shark caught in partnership with Delaware State University during a New York Seascape study in Delaware Bay.  The photo shows where the dorsal and pectoral fins were removed.  The female sand tiger shark had no anal fins, and most of its tail fin had been removed. Shark finning – the practice...
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500,000 gallons, swimming with sharks, sea turtles, rays,and thousands of schooling fishAn iconic element of the aquarium’s 10-year transformation“Ocean Wonders: Shark will inspire New Yorkers to celebrate the city’s maritime heritage and attract more visitors and business to Brooklyn’s oceanfront.” Groundbreaking: 2012 Brooklyn, New York – Dec. 14, 2010 – The Wildlife Conservation Society has received approval from the New York City Public Design Commission for Ocean Wonders: S...
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