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Two Little Blue Penguin Chicks Hatched at Bronx Zoo: Follow Their Development Online
Press Photos: Photo credit: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS Media b-Roll of Hatchling Chicks: Credit: © WCS Animal Planet Promo Video: THE ZOO Season 4Bronx, NY – March 26, 2020 – The development of two little blue penguin chicks (Eudyptula minor) hatched at the Bronx Zoo in February can be tracked on Instagram and Facebook while the zoo is temporarily closed to the public due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With these...
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Cultivating Culture: 34 Institutions that Changed New York, opening at the Museum of the City of New York on October 18th, will feature images, objects and ephemera from the almost three dozen members of New York City’s Cultural Institutions Group (CIG).  Cultivating Culture commemorates the 150th anniversary of the unparalleled public-private initiative that is now known as the CIG. Today, it provides support to 34 institutions, across all five boroughs, that help...
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10th Annual “WCS Run for the Wild” at the Bronx Zoo

Bronx, N.Y. – April 23, 2018 – The 2018 WCS Run for the Wild marks the 10th anniversary of the Bronx Zoo’s 5K event dedicated to saving wildlife and wild places.  The annual 5K race and family fun run/walk scheduled for Saturday, April 28.  Runners, walkers, and wildlife supporters are invited to participate.

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Bronx Zoo Debuts Gelada Baby

Bronx, NY – Oct. 4, 2017 – A baby gelada (Theropithecus gelada) has made its public debut at the Bronx Zoo.   The Bronx Zoo is the only zoo in the U.S. breeding geladas and is one of only two that exhibit the species. The baby was born on August 30. At only four weeks old, the infant is still clinging to mom and drawing a lot of attention from the rest of the family unit. Altogether, the group is made up of one adult male, three adult females, two juveniles, and the baby.

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Six Pure Bison Calves Born at WCS’s Bronx Zoo

BRONX, NEW YORK – May 12, 2017 – Six American bison calves have been born at WCS’s (Wildlife Conservation Society) Bronx Zoo and four of them are now on exhibit on the zoo’s Bison Range. The calves will help the Bronx Zoo further bison conservation efforts. The calves were born to a herd of seven females and one male that arrived at the zoo from Ft. Peck, Montana in November 2016. The herd was an historic gift from the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes and was significant because the Fort Peck bison are from the Yellowstone National Park bloodline, and are among the few pure bison remaining. The vast majority of present-day bison have trace amounts of domestic cattle genes, a reflection of past interbreeding efforts when western ranchers tried to create a hardier breed of cattle. 

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Bronx Zoo Opens Eastern Hellbender Exhibit
BRONX, NEW YORK – April 26, 2017 – Since 2009, staff at WCS’s (Wildlife Conservation Society) Bronx Zoo has been working behind the scenes to save the Eastern hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis). Now, this elusive salamander can be seen in a new exhibit in the zoo’s historic Reptile House.
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Bronx Zoo Welcomes Four Père David’s Deer Fawns

BRONX, NEW YORK – April 21, 2017

– The herd of Père David's deer (Elaphurus davidianus) at the WCS’s (Wildlife Conservation Society) Bronx Zoo just got a little larger. Four fawns were born in April and are on exhibit with the herd. 

The Père David's deer might seem somewhat unassuming, but the species has some adaptations unlike any other deer. They have long tails, branch-like antlers, and splayed hooves that would indicate that they are adapted to live in a marsh-like environment, but no one knows for sure how the species evolved or the environment it once lived in the wild. 

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JetBlue Presents “Birds in Flight” at WCS’s Bronx Zoo

Bronx, NY – May 2, 2016 – “Birds in Flight,” presented by JetBlue, will return to the Bronx Zoo’s historic Astor Court for seven weekends beginning Saturday and Sunday, May 7 and 8. Animal Behavior & Conservation Connections (ABCC) will present two different shows each day at 11:30am and 2pm. Each show will feature different species and different behaviors.

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8th Annual WCS Run for the Wild

Bronx, N.Y. – April 30, 2016 – More than 5,400 ran, jogged, and walked through the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo in support of wildlife conservation at the 8th annual WCS Run for the Wild. The first to finish the 5k run was Christopher Stewart from The Bronx who finished with a time of 17:42 – his third year in a row winning the race. The top three women and top three men finishers were: READ MORE

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Bronx Zoo’s Iconic African Plains Exhibit Turns 75

Bronx, NY – April 28, 2016 – Sunday, May 1, 2016 marks 75 years since the opening of the African Plains exhibit at WCS’s (Wildlife Conservation Society) Bronx Zoo. The exhibit marked the first time the zoo exhibited animals in realistic, natural settings, similar to how they might appear in the wild.

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