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East of Siberia: Goral on the Cliffs
by Jonathan Slaght
Goral are considered Endangered in Russia, but given their furtive nature it’s hard to say for sure how many there are. Estimates range from 600-1,000 individuals, with most distributed along the coast of Primorye.
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Motacú, a Keystone Palm in the Bolivian Amazon With Culinary Potential
by Julie Kunen, Rob Wallace
In column for New Worlder magazine, Julie Kunen and Dr. Rob Wallace travel through Bolivia on Expedición Sabores Silvestres – exploring indigenous gastronomy and its links to environmental conservation.
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Conservationists Can Work with Interior Sec. Zinke to Protect Wildlife Corridors
by Joel Berger, Jon Beckmann, Julie Kunen
In a commentary for the Salt Lake Tribune, WCS's Joel Berger, Jon Beckmann, and Julie Kunen note that Wyoming's Path of the Pronghorn can serve as a road map to achieve more big game protected corridors.
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Is the EU Doing Enough to Address Wildlife Crime?
by Janice Weatherley-Singh
As two major international conferences approach, writes WCS's Janice Weatherley-Singh, the EU has a window of opportunity to take further action to address wildlife crime within its own borders.
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Smart Technology: Withstanding the Test of Time
by Deseree Arzu
In Belize, the SMART reporting tool helps in collecting Protected Areas enforcement and monitoring data that can steer management and legislative decisions for conservation and environmental sustainability.
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It's Global Tiger Day—How Is the Effort to Save Them Going?
by Ullas Karanth
Writes WCS senior conservationist Ullas Karanth, "Our vision on Global Tiger Day should be of a living planet with 25,000-50,000 wild tigers, not the miserable 5000 that we are urged to “celebrate” with annoying frequency."
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Shark Conservation Success Stories from South East Asia
by Hollie Booth
At the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress, WCS and the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation convened a symposium to showcase nuanced, practical, and ethical interventions to save sharks.
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The Dwindling Sharks and Rays of the Western Indian Ocean
by Rhett Bennett
Notes WCS's Rhett Bennett, "Shark Week reminds us that it is time to improve our knowledge of sharks and rays, and support initiatives to protect these prehistoric species and their habitats, rather than persecute them."
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Saving Whale Sharks and Other Ocean Giants in Bangladesh
by G. M. Masum Billah
This Shark Week, WCS Bangladesh's G.M. Masum Billah reminds us that ocean giants—including dolphins, whales, sharks, rays and marine turtles—are critical for maintaining a healthy balance in our ocean.
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The Last of the Ocean Wilderness
by Kendall Jones, James Watson
WCS's James Watson and colleague Kendall Jones cite data on 19 human stressors—including commercial shipping, sediment runoff, and several types of fishing—to show that Earth’s “marine wilderness” is dwindling.
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Reducing Manta Ray Mortality in the World’s Largest Targeted Manta Fishery
by Hollie Booth
This Shark Week, take a moment to consider the manta ray. This much-loved gentle giant of the shark and ray family is a large, slow-growing and long-lived species, which makes it particularly vulnerable to overfishing.
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Changing Fishery Practice in the World’s Largest Mangrove Forest
by Nadim Parves
On World Mangrove Day, WCS's Nadim Parvez describes how the WCS Bangladesh Program developed Fish for Future — Playing by the Rules, a community initiative to increase compliance with fishery rules.
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What Sharks Need from Us
by Jon Forrest Dohlin
In an op-ed for the NY Daily News, New York Aquarium Director Jon Forrest Dohlin observes that New York City only exists because of the abundant, healthy oceans that surround us.
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Indigenous Stewardship Is Critical to Success of Protected Areas
by Michael Painter, David Wilkie, James Watson
"In case after case," write WCS's Mike Painter, David Wilkie, and James Watson, "the world’s remaining strongholds of biodiversity remain intact thanks to the stewardship of the people living there."
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You Can Help Sharks This Shark Week!
by John Calvelli
Writes WCS’s John Calvelli, "We must make sure that fisheries around the world conserve and manage shark populations sustainably. That requires both an informed public and the political will to take action.”
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Getting Tough on Illegal and Unregulated Shark and Ray Trade at CITES
by Luke Warwick
This Shark Week, WCS's Luke Warwick notes that CITES shark and ray listings, and the real change their careful implementation is bringing, provide hope that we can act before these ancient predators vanish forever.
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The Life of a Zoo Keeper
by Joe Nappi
"Being a keeper does not just stop the minute we clock out at the end of the day," says Joe Nappi, Senior Keeper in the Bronx Zoo Mammal Department. "The animal care profession is a lifetime of passion."
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Extraordinary Days in the Reptile House
by Avi Shuter
At the Bronx Zoo Reptile House, notes Senior Keeper Avi Shuter, "Every day I get to introduce people to wildlife and show them why we need to protect the world’s wild places."
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As Deadly White-Nose Syndrome Spreads West, Bat Biologists Race to Prepare
by Cori Lausen
WCS Canada's Cori Lausen notes, "Just like your probiotic yogurt provides beneficial bacteria to your digestive system, wing microbes will give all bats a fighting chance of surviving hibernation despite white-nose syndrome.”
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If You Want to Know Something About an Animal, Ask a Keeper
by Jim Breheny
For National Zookeeper Week, WCS Exec VP for Zoos & Aquarium and Director of the Bronx Zoo Jim Breheny writes, "To work with animals and be charged with their care and wellbeing is a privilege." Read the full blog.
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Keeping Carnivores, Connectivity, and Culture Intact in Mesoamerica’s Moskitia
by John Polisar
Saving Mesoamerica's natural wonders will depend on reducing the tide of deforestation and implementing conservation solutions that protect vital connections for jaguars and peccaries and the forests they call home.
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A Sustainable Plan for Ontario’s Ring of Fire
by Cheryl Chetkiewicz, Justina Ray, Richard Lindgren
Now that Ontario's provincial government has been sworn in, the challenge will be to ensure that First Nations’ values, interests and rights are not compromised by development in the Ring of Fire area.
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National Zookeeper Week Reminds Me What It’s All About
by Lisa Walker
“It is imperative that we use every opportunity we can to inspire visitors to appreciate wildlife and their natural habitats," writes Lisa Walker, senior wild animal keeper in the Bronx Zoo Ornithology Department.
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Mapping the Critical Role of Indigenous Peoples in Global Conservation
by James Watson, Stephen Garnett
Conservationists increasingly view Indigenous Peoples as allies to conservation and vice-versa, with Indigenous Peoples perceiving conservation practitioners as sharing values and principles similar to their own.
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