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CITES 2019: What’s Conservation Got To Do With It?
by Susan Lieberman
When governments join a treaty such as CITES," writes WCS's Sue Lieberman as CoP 18 gets underway, "they have agreed to act for the global good, and not let their decisions be swayed by the pressures of those more interested in trade than conservation."
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What Threatened Lions Can Teach Us about the Circle of Life
by Tim Tear
If lions are to survive in Africa, the global community must take bolder, more holistic approaches to land management, addressing this challenge not solely as conservation of a single species but as an international development imperative.
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A post-Shark Week lesson about conservation off the coast of the Northeast
by Jake LaBelle
We soon hope to be able to tell the complete story of sand tiger shark life history. At a time when sharks face growing threats around the globe, this information will be vital to setting up better protections for our local species.
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Conservation of Sharks, Rays, and Chimaeras in the Patagonian Sea
by Juan Martin Cuevas
The Patagonian Sea is one of the most productive coastal-oceanic areas in the Southern Hemisphere. This ecosystem has global importance as a source of food for migratory species of birds, fish including sharks, turtles and marine mammals.
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Confronting Flames, Floods and More in a Warming World
by Lauren Oakes
Many people who are tackling local adaptation projects say the work begins in our communities, with the people who will appreciate the risks at hand and the value of responding to the local consequences of the global problem.
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Indonesia’s First Record of ‘Living Fossil’: The Goblin Shark
by Hollie Booth and Muhammad Ichsan
Sometimes called a ‘living fossil,’ the goblin shark is the only extant representative of the family Mitsukurinidae, an ancient lineage some 125 million years old that would have coinhabited the earth with dinosaurs.
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Shark Fisheries in the Western Indian Ocean Are Headed for Deep Water
by Rhett Bennett
Owing to overexploitation, 27% of shark and ray species in the Western Indian Ocean are now classified as Critically Endangered, Endangered, or Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of threatened species.
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Why We Need To Think About People This Shark Week
by Hollie Booth
In a new blog for Shark Week, Hollie Booth discusses WCS Indonesia’s long-term vision to protect and sustainably manage sharks and rays to provide long-term benefits for people and ecosystems in Indonesia.
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Now You See Them, Now You Don’t
by Dave van Beuningen
The Western Indian Ocean (WIO) is a hotspot for sharks and rays. It’s home to over 220 species, including many found nowhere else on earth. Today, though, they are facing tremendous threats, primarily from fisheries.
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On International Tiger Day: Go Forth and Prosper!
by Dale Miquelle
In a blog for International Tiger Day, WCS's Dale Miquelle notes that "tiger conservation is not a 100-yard dash. It is an ultra-marathon, and victories come with perseverance, patience and unbridled, continuous energy."
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Information Is Lacking for Sharks and Rays in the Western Indian Ocean
by Dave van Beuningen, Rhett Bennett
In developing nations, more and more people are migrating to the coast, and sharks and rays are increasingly becoming an important source of food and income. This increased threat is unsustainable.
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The Not So Secret Privileges of Being a Zoo Keeper
by Aniko Totha
In a blog for National Zoo Keepers Week, Bronx Zoo ornithology keeper Aniko Totha observes, "I’m thankful that while I get to experience special moments with our birds, I'm also contributing to the conservation of these wild species and our planet."
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A Day in the Life of a Keeper
by Joe Nappi
In a blog for National Zoo Keepers Week, Bronx Zoo Mammal Dept. Senior Keeper Joe Nappi takes readers through a typical day in the life of a zoo keeper and the demands of attending to the needs of diverse animal species.
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Adapting to Climate Change in Alaska
by Lauren Oakes
"In the face of the daunting news headlines and dark future projections," WCS's Lauren Oakes writes about climate change, "I still want to know what leads some people to innovate while others do nothing at all."
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Protecting the Giant South American River Turtle
by German Forero-Medina
Today in the Amazon and Orinoco basins, there are at least 85 initiatives promoting the conservation of the charapa, South America's largest river turtle. These projects are protecting or managing a record 147,000 females.
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Pea Burgers Can Help Save the Planet
by David Wilkie
I ate a burger last night and it surprised me. It was delicious and dripped juice through my hands, sending another T-shirt to the laundry. It was all I craved in a burger. So what was surprising? It was made from peas.
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