The following statement is from Dr. Susan Lieberman, WCS Vice President for International Policy: 

“WCS congratulates the Government of the United Kingdom on passing the 2018 Ivory Act, which is now one of the strongest laws in the world closing a domestic ivory market. We congratulate the UK on showing the world its commitment to stopping the illegal ivory trade – not by telling others what to do, but by taking action at home. The UK now joins the U.S., China, and other countries in heeding the call from the majority of African elephant range countries to putting an end – for good – to the global ivory trade. We call on the EU, Japan, and others that still allow domestic ivory sales, to close their markets as well—any open ivory market provides opportunities to launder illegal ivory. We know from our conservationists working on the front lines throughout Africa, and on anti-trafficking efforts across the globe, that the slaughter of elephants will continue as long as there are open ivory markets.”