To Celebrate World Ranger Day on July 31st, President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi joined conservationists in the Niassa Special Reserve (NSR) to place a new GPS collar on an elephant nicknamed “Mr. Gentleman.”

A total of 20 elephants have been collared allowing for real-time monitoring and increased security for elephants to protect them from poaching by alerting rangers and field teams about their location. It will also identify critical habitats, seasonal dispersal areas, and corridors for elephants that may require enhanced protection. The collars will strengthen elephant conservation efforts in Niassa Special Reserve and surrounding areas.

This event was attended by 80 guests, including the Head of State, the Minister of Land and Environment, the Niassa Governor, the Niassa Secretary of State, the Eduardo Mondlane University Dean, the ANAC Director General, the administrators of Mecula and Mavago districts, as well as representatives of NSR’s operators and other governmental and non-governmental entities.

In addition to the ceremony praising the role of the rangers and the collaring of “Mr. Gentleman,” a photographic exhibition was on display in Mbatamila (REN headquarters) on the role, initiatives and support for the rangers.