Madagascar President Marc Ravalomanana enjoyed a unique opportunity to visit his homeland while he was attending the UN General Assembly in New York. On Sunday, September 21, the President toured Madagascar!, the Wildlife Conservation Society's spectacular new exhibit that opened in June at the Bronx Zoo. The visit included glimpses of lemurs and fossas—fascinating mammals that occur only on that island nation.

In addition to touring Madagascar!, President Ravalomanana and WCS staff discussed the ongoing partnership between WCS and his government to triple the land and sea areas under protection and to conserve the extraordinary biodiversity of this unique island for the people of Madagascar and the world. This summer, WCS signed a landmark agreement with the Government of Madagascar to assist with marketing more than nine million tons of reduced deforestation carbon. The proposed sale of carbon credits will help save Makira Forest—the largest intact block of rainforest remaining in Madagascar—and support protected area management and local community development.