TULSA, OKLAHOMA (March 24, 2011) – A Wildlife Conservation Society delegation has gathered with leaders in bison conservation in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this week for an American Bison Society meeting. From March 23-25, the American Bison Society, along with a broad range of stakeholders including Native Americans, ranchers, scientists, and government agencies are focused on ensuring the ecological restoration of bison in North America. The ABS was formed in 1905 and led then by William Hornaday, WCS's first director, and Theodore Roosevelt. Today, bison numbers have rebounded but the species has not been ecologically restored. Bison are absent from much of their former range. More than 90 percent exist on ranches, as scientists and managers grapple with bison disease and genetics.

As the historical leader in bison conservation, the American Bison Society was reestablished in 2005 to ensure the ecological future of bison. The ABS works with a broad range of stakeholders to build the expertise and support necessary to achieve bison ecological restoration over the long-term. ABS and partners work on projects that build the groundwork for larger, free-ranging herds in more habitats of their historic range—herds that interact with as many native species and systems as possible and inspire and sustain human cultures.

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