The Makira-Masoala landscape shelters the rare Madagascar serpent eagle, the fox-size carnivore known as the fossa, and the silky sifaka, one of the world’s most endangered primates. It’s also now home to the MaMaBay Environmental Campus, which will help implement conservation programs in this epicenter of Madagascar biodiversity.

The campus will provide information and interpretive materials, as seen through the eyes of the Malagasy people, and serve as a central meeting and training location within the region. The goal is for visitors to understand the high value of Masoala National Park and Makira Natural Park to Madagascar and the global community.

Management teams of the two parks, the largest in Madagascar, are working together to ensure protection and the future integrity of the MaMaBay land and seascape. MaMaBay not only supports a diverse array of wildlife and ecosystems, but also the livelihoods of a quarter million subsistence farmers and fishers.

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