Brooklyn, N.Y. - Because of their striking appearance, red panda’s Qin, a male, and Mei Lin, a female, are hard to miss. Visitors to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) Prospect Park Zoo can see their vibrant red coats and pale white faces on the zoo’s Discovery Trail. Both pandas spend their time climbing trees and exploring their surroundings. “From January through March visitors can see Qin and Mei Lin playfully court each other as their mating season is at its peak,” says WCS Prospect Park Zoo’s Facilities Director Denise McClean.

Red pandas are often called "fire foxes" because of the color of their coats. They will use their tails, which are almost as long as their bodies, to keep warm during the chilly months.

Red pandas have an enlarged wrist bone located on each front paw. This sixth digit or “thumb” is useful for feeding as it allows the pandas to grasp and hold bamboo tightly.

This species is found in the mountainous forests of China, Nepal and Tibet. Although it is endangered due to habitat loss, WCS is working in China to combat this and other threats by developing a substantial, widespread conservation network.

Photo: J.L. Maher © WCS


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