Flushing, N.Y. –The Queens Zoo is happy to announce the arrival of three adorable pronghorn antelope fawns, born recently at the zoo. The pronghorn is unique in that it is the lone member of the family, Antilocapridae. They are true American natives that do not occur anywhere else in the world.

The new fawns are still very young but adjusting quite nicely to their new home at the completely outdoor zoo. A species known for taking long trips in the wild, the new pronghorns spend much of their time running through their exhibit, which resembles their native habitat of the plains of North America. Pronghorns are second only to Arctic caribou for long distance migration in the Western Hemisphere.

The pronghorns live alongside the zoo’s bison herd – two species that share the same landscape in nature, making this exhibit an authentic “Great Plains” experience for both the animals and visitors. To help the babies grow accustomed to humans and be cared for by the zoo staff, the fawns are being bottle-fed a nutrient-rich formula by the keepers three times a day.  

The pronghorn is the second fastest land animal in the world, second only to the cheetah in speed. Unfortunately, they can’t outrun the development of western lands that is quickly destroying some areas of their natural habitat. The Wildlife Conservation Society is currently working to protect migratory corridors in the western U.S. so that pronghorn can continue to wander over great open spaces as they have done for eons.

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