As part of a plan to save the olive ridely sea turtle and an extraordinary bird called the maleo, conservationists from WCS and PALS (Pelestari Alam Liar dan Satwa, or Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation), support both species in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The goal is to protect the nesting grounds, working with both local rangers - and even former maleo hunters - to guard the nests from egg poachers.

Recently, hatchlings emerged from their protected nests on Sulawesi’s Binerean Cape; the two maleos quickly flew into the forest while the 34 turtles made their way toward the sea. “The joint release of maleos and olive ridleys on the same day is a boost to the conservation of both species in Sulawesi” said Noviar Andayani, Country Director for WCS’s Indonesia Program and participant in the Maleo Conservation project.

After the success of this most recent hatching, conservationists hope to extend the program to similar coastal areas where the species still persist, but are threatened by poachers.

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