WCS is generating news from Jeju, Republic of Korea, where delegates from around the globe have met for the 2012 World Conservation Congress. It's the largest conservation gathering in the world, and it only occurs once every four years. 

During September, 2012, Dr. Cristián Samper, WCS President and CEO, set the tone when he addressed some 10,000 delegates. His keynote speech focused on passenger pigeons and American bison: two charismatic species that once faced a conservation crossroads. The former went extinct; the latter is rebounding. Using the crossroads paradigm, Samper emphasized the need to protect endangered species before they venture any closer to extinction. 

Major press outlets from around the world have reported on his speech and the new priorities identified during the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Links to these articles may be found below. 

National Geographic NewsWatch, "Martha's Legacy: the Past, the Present, and Future of Species, Ecosystems, and Human Livelihoods">>