Three Wildlife Conservation Society scientists were honored during the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB), in Beijing, China, held in July. The SCB is an international professional organization with over 12,000 members dedicated to advancing the science and practice of conserving the Earth's biological diversity. This year, WCS staff members Dr. Joel Berger, Dr. George Schaller, and Dr. Aili Kang were among those recognized for outstanding individual achievement in the field.

Our Conservation Heroes

Dr. Joel Berger, WCS-North America Senior Scientist
Dr. Berger took home the Edward T. LaRoe III Memorial Award, which recognizes an individual who has been a leader in translating principles of conservation biology into real-world conservation practice. Berger earned the award for his work in conserving migration corridors and his studies of predator-prey dynamics in Africa, Asia, and North America.

Dr. George Schaller, WCS Senior Conservation Scientist
Dr. Schaller won the Distinguished Service Award, which is presented to individuals, groups, or institutions whose work has furthered the mission of the SCB. Schaller has made extraordinary contributions to the conservation of many of the world’s most iconic and endangered species.

Dr Aili Kang, WCS-China Conservationist
Dr Kang earned the award for Early Career Conservationist for her work with medium to large sized mammals in the Chinese and Tibetan steppe, such as Marco Polo sheep, yak, saiga, and Przewalski’s gazelle.