• Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo Announces One-of-a-Kind Gift
  • Zoo houses thousands hissing cockroaches in its Madagascar exhibit

NEW YORK (February 9, 2011) – Forget diamonds, roses, or chocolates.  The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo announced today a light-hearted, one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift: naming one of the zoo’s famous Madagascar hissing cockroaches after a loved one, sweetheart, mother-in-law—or perhaps your favorite “ex.”

And the zoo has plenty to name with thousands of the super-sized bugs on exhibit in Madagascar!—an award-winning habitat for lemurs, crocodiles, and many other unique species.       

Each gift comes with a colorful e-card sent to your loved one announcing that a cockroach has been named in his or her honor.  Each name costs $10 and will help the Wildlife Conservation Society save wildlife and wild places around the world.  To name a hissing cockroach go to: http://www.bronxzoo.com/name-a-roach/

Madagascar hissing cockroaches are the world’s largest roach species reaching nearly four-inches long.  The namesake hissing noise is emitted as a defense mechanism.  Like nearly every roach species, Madagascar hissing cockroaches are not considered pests and rarely enter homes.

“Nothing says forever like a cockroach,” said Jim Breheny, Senior Vice President for Living Institutions and Director of the Bronx Zoo.  “They are resourceful, resilient, and have been around for hundreds of millions of years.”  

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