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  • WCS’s New York Aquarium Hosts Ascarium Weekend

    Brooklyn, N.Y. – Oct. 8, 2015– Halloween fun awaits at WCS’s (Wildlife Conservation Society) New York Aquarium Ascarium weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 31 and Nov. 1; 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Boo at the Zoo is Underway in the BronxBoo at the Zoo is Underway in the Bronx

    New York – Oct. 8, 2015 – Boo at the Zoo, New York City’s go-to family-friendly Halloween destination returns to WCS’s (Wildlife Conservation Society) Bronx Zoo for five weekends in October. This year’s Boo at the Zoo activities are themed around animal behaviors and “Mystery and Mischief” of the world of wildlife. Boo at the Zoo: Mystery and Mischief runs through Nov. 1. All attractions and activities will embrace the spirit of the season while highlighting wildlife and conservation. Annual favorites including the hay maze, giant pumpkin carving demos, costume parades, magic and more will return with some additional Halloween surprises.


  • WCS Unveils Strategy and a New Website and Brand Identity to Support ItWCS Unveils Strategy and a New Website and Brand Identity to Support It

    October 7, 2015 – WCS today unveiled its WCS: 2020 strategic plan, supported by a new WCS.org website and brand identity, with the goal to conserve the world's largest wild places in 15 priority regions, home to more than 50 percent of the world's biodiversity.

  • Chile to Create Patagonia Marine Protected Area NetworkChile to Create Patagonia Marine Protected Area Network

    NEW YORK (October 6, 2015)—The Government of Chile announced today at the Our Oceans Summit in Valparaiso its plan to design a network of Marine Protected Areas for the purpose of safeguarding Patagonia’s whales, dolphins, sea lions, sea birds and other coastal biodiversity, an initiative that would expand the country’s protected waters by 100,000 square kilometers (more than 38,000 square miles).

  • WCS Statement on Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement

    The United States joined 11 other Pacific Rim countries in signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), an international trade agreement which includes strong  wildlife trafficking provisions within its environmental chapter.

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October 7 - A New Strategy for Wildlife Conservation

At the Wildlife Conservation Society today we unveiled our WCS: 2020 strategy and, along with it, a new WCS.org website and brand identity. This announcement advances our 120-year mission to save wildlife and wild places.

October 5 -  Technology Makes Lighter Work of a Tough Job—SMART Ranger Patrolling

As the race to save Asia’s threatened forests and wildlife heats up, law enforcement staff on the frontline have their work cut out for them. A new SMART technology is being rolled out in protected areas to stop poaching of flagship species like banteng, Asian elephants, giant ibis, and Eld’s deer.

October 1 - Bad Omen or Wise Advisor? Evocative Owls Star in Photos

No one is neutral about owls.

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The Wonders of the WCS NY Aquarium: An Ongoing Picture Blog

October 8, 2015

Work on the Ocean Wonders: Sharks! site continues to move along. Because of its architectural beauty and complexity, much of the artistic work being crafted for the building is taking place off site. This includes the eye-catching shark mobile, pictured above, that shows visitors how sharks are important apex predators in the intricately balanced coral reef ecosystem. The mobile will be made out of 48 aluminum graphics supported by stainless steel rods. When complete, it will weigh an impressive 500 pounds. Photo credit: Kimio Honda © WCS

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