WCS at IUCN World Parks Congress
November 12-19, 2014
Sydney, Australia

The following events will be taking place during the IUCN World Parks Congress with experts from the Wildlife Conservation Society.

On-site, please contact John Delaney (jdelaney@wcs.org; text 1-347-675-2294) or Mary Dixon (mdixon@wcs.org; text 1-347-840-1242) to discuss any of these presentations or to schedule an interview.

To learn more go to wpc.wcs.org or follow @TheWCS

Breaking Topics to Cover:
  • Protected Areas as the Last Hope for Biodiversity
  • Measuring Success and Failure of Protected Areas
  • The Importance of Protected Areas as Refuges for Large-Bodied Mammalian Species
  • Human Rights in conservation
  • All Things on Wildlife Trafficking
  • Land to Sea Parks: Extending Terrestrial Protected Areas into Adjacent Seas
  • Measures that Assess Conservation Impact
  • Mental Health Benefits of Protected Areas and Social Media
  • Shifting the Way the World Shops
  • Climate Change and Adaptation
  • the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Conservation and Peace Building
  • Links Between Biodiversity and Human health
  • REDD+: Global lessons learned
  • Protected areas and human-wildlife conflict
  • Voluntary Relocation as a Tool for Preventing Human-Wildlife Conflict
  • Food for thought: minimizing impacts and maximizing benefits of sustainable agriculture
  • A Strategic Network of Marine Protected Areas in the Face of Climate Change
  • Innovative financial mechanisms for conservation and protected areas
  • the IUCN World Heritage Outlook – setting a decade challenge for the World Heritage Convention
  • What needs to happen in the next 10 years to support local efforts?

Friday, November 14, 2014

8:30 – 10:00am

Opening Parallel Plenary Session

Session Title: Opening Parallel Plenary in the Parks Session
Presenter: James Watson (WCS) is giving the keynote address in recent groundbreaking paper in Nature on protected areas being the last best hope for biodiversity
Location: Hall 6


Emma Stokes (WCS Africa Program)

Challenges and solutions for combating poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking in Central Africa
David Wilkie (WCS)
are we making a difference? 5 measures to assess our conservation impact
Location: Hall 4 Nth Pod

1:30 – 3:00pm

Conservation Finance Pavilion

Todd Stevens (WCS), Conservation Enterprise Development Fund
Alex Diment (WCS Cambodia), WCS Cambodia, Ibis Rice
Shifting the Way the World Shops

John Robinson (WCS)
Tackling the Climate Change Challenge: Promoting adaptation in wild places
Location: Hall 3A2

Chris Golden (WCS)
WCS Presentation Title: Illuminating the mental health benefits of protected areas using Facebook social media data
Location: Charley Room

Michael Painter (WCS)
Achieving Aichi Target 11: governance diversity, coverage and conservation (Part 1)
Location: Hall 4A2

David Wilkie (WCS)
WCS Presentation Title:
Getting the Scale Right – Protected Areas, Community Herder Associations, and the Conservation of 1.5 million Nomadic Gazelle in Mongolia”
See Room

James Watson (WCS)
Key Characteristics of Climate-Smart Conservation
Location: Hall 3A2

3:30pm to 5pm

Ambroise Brenier (WCS Madagascar Marine)
Integrating Conservation and Development in Madagascar’s Marine Protected Areas”
Location: Playfair Room 1

Lilian Painter (WCS Bolivia)
Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge and Culture
Implementing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in Protected Areas
Presenters: Lilian Painter (WCS Bolivia)
Location: Hall 4B1

Alicia Kuroiwa (WCS Peru)
From awareness to love: connecting new audiences with parks and protected areas)
WCS Presentation Title:
Bahuaja Sonene: Conoce, Inspira
Location: Hall 4B2


Matthew Hatchwell (WCS Europe)
New Social Compact
Location: Hall 3 Nth Pod


Deo Kujirakwinja (WCS DRC)
Conservation and Peace Building: Tools and Practice
Location: Hall 4A1


Chris Golden (WCS)
Global launch of new flagship publications – our state of knowledge on the links between biodiversity and human health
Location: Hall 3B1


WCS Reception for Invited Guests
Novotel Hotel, Freshwater Ballroom, Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park


Conservation Finance Pavilion
Ray Victurine (WCS)
Mining and the Financing of Protected Areas
Saturday, November 15, 2014


Andriamandimbisoa Razafimpahanana (WCS Madagascar), with Malagasy delegation
Responding to Climate Change
REDD+: Global lessons learned
Location: Hall 3A2

Stacy Jupiter (WCS Fiji)
A new framework for monitoring changes in socio-ecological vulnerability of tropical coastal communities
Location: Members Bar


Andy Plumptre (WCS Albertine Rift)
Short Introduction to Law enforcement monitoring and the Various Tools Available

Inaoyom Imong (WCS Nigeria)
Community LEM using Cybertracker – Moving to SMART – Nigeria

Deo Kujirakwinja (WCS DRC)
LEM in Periods of Conflict – DRC

Emma Stokes (WCS Africa Program)
Looking to the Future: Why SMART for LEM, and What Does it Add?”
Location: Hall 3A1


Sue Lieberman (WCS)
Wildlife crime and law enforcement in protected areas
Anak Pattanavibool (WCS Thailand)
Site-based Conservation and Management Measures to Tackle Poaching of High-Value Species in Terrestrial Protected Areas: A Case Study from Thailand
Location: Hall 6

P.M. Muthanna (WCS India)
Protected areas and human-wildlife conflict
Voluntary Relocation as a Tool for Preventing Human-Wildlife Conflict, Promoting Human Welfare, and Enhancing Conservation in Critical Wildlife Habitats
Location: See Room

James Watson (WCS)
Tackling Climate Change Challenges: Examples of Adaptation Activities across the Conservation World
Location: Hall 3A2

Madhu Rao (WCS Singapore)
Integrating protected areas into national plans and policies (Part 1)
NBSAP planning and implementation in Myanmar: An emerging green economy”
Location: Hall 4A1

Mariana Montoya (WCS Peru)
Community-Based Wildlife Management in the Amazon
Location: Hub 1

Julie Kunen (WCS)
Fire Management and Climate Mitigation in Guatemala
Location: Hall 2 Nth Pod

Michael Painter (WCS)
Indigenous and community land-rights and conservation
Location: Amphitheatre


Ray Victurine (WCS)

Innovative financial mechanisms for conservation and protected areas

Katy Mathias (WCS)
Park Bonds

Rob Tizard (WCS Myanmar)
TNRP (Tanintharyi Nature Reserve Project)
Location: Southee North

Sue Lieberman (WCS)

Wildlife crime and law enforcement in protected areas (Part 2)
Protected Area Law Enforcement Tools
Location: Hall 6

Emily Darling (WCS)
A Strategic Network of Marine Protected Areas in the Face of Climate Change
Location: Southee South

Madhu Rao (WCS Singapore)
Reconciling Development Challenges
Integrating protected areas into national plans and policies (Part 2)
Location: Hall 4A1


Michael Painter (WCS)
Human Rights in conservation: Progress since Durban Conservation Initiative on Human Rights
WIN Pavilion


Svetlana Soutyrina and Alyona Salmanova (former students in the WCS Russia “Next Generation of Conservationists” Program)
Cats of Russia
Location: Hub 2
Sunday, November 16, 2014


Ray Victurine (WCS) and Katy Mathias (WCS)
Asia-Pacific Conservation Trust Funds Network Kick-Off
Location: Hall 2 Nth Pod


Simon Hedges (WCS and on behalf of Stop Ivory)
Elephant Protection Initiative Technical Workshop
Location: Hub 2
Monday, November 17, 2014


John Robinson (WCS) and Joe Walston (WCS)
Biodiversity Outcomes 1: Measuring Success and Failure of Protected Areas
The Importance of Protected Areas as Refuges for Large-Bodied Mammalian Species
Location: Hall 3A1

Alex Diment (WCS Cambodia)
Food for thought: minimizing impacts and maximizing benefits of sustainable agriculture
The Ibis Rice Project in Cambodia
Location: Hall 4A1

Ross Sinclair (WCS Cambodia)
Welcome visitors: Making tourism work for protected areas and sustainable development
PAs and Sustainable Tourism in Cambodia: The Tmatboey Ecotourism Project”
Location: Playfair Room 2


James Watson (WCS)
An Integrated Assessment of the Human Footprint and Climate Analysis (Past, Present, and Future) on Natural World Heritage Sites
Location: Hall 3A2

Chris Golden (WCS)
One Health: Linking human, animal and Ecosystem health (Part 2)
The Health & Ecosystems: Analysis of Linkages (HEAL) Program: An Overview
Location: Charley Room

Shirley Atkinson (WCS)

Resolving Disease-Related Conflict at the Livestock/Wildlife Interface in Support of Transfrontier Conservation in Southern Africa”
Location: Charley Room

Stacy Jupiter (WCS Fiji)
Investigating Links between Environmental Change and Waterborne Bacterial Disease in Fiji
Location: Charley Room

James Deutsch (WCS)
Mainstreaming Protected Areas into Agriculture in Zambia (COMACO)
Location: Hall 4A1


Caleb McClennen (WCS)
Land to Sea Parks: Extending Terrestrial Protected Areas into Adjacent Seas
Location: Amphitheatre


Julie Kunen (WCS) and Lilian Painter (WCS Bolivia)
Sustainable Conservation through Protected Area-Based Enterprises in Bolivia and Guatemala
Location: Playfair Room 2

Chris Golden (WCS)
Potential Ecosystem Services Models for Understanding the motivation for Resource Extraction in Madagascar
Location: Playfair Room 2


Sue Lieberman (WCS)
the IUCN World Heritage Outlook – setting a decade challenge for the World Heritage Convention
Location: Southee North

Ray Victurine (WCS) and Michel Masozera (WCS Rwanda)
Good to the Last Drop
Creating markets for watershed services in nyungwe national park, sw of Rwanda
Playfair Room 2

Gaspard Abitsi (WCS Gabon)
Payments for Water: The Mbei Watershed in Gabon
Playfair Room 2


Robert Mwinyihali (WCS DRC)
Mainstreaming protected area solutions for mining and energy
Location: Touchscreen 3


Ray Victurine (WCS)
WCS Presentation Title: “KfW, AFD, GEF Supporting Conservation Trust Funds in Africa”
Conservation Finance Pavilion

Matthew Hatchwell (WCS Europe)
New Social Compact
Location: Southee South


Sue Lieberman (WCS)
Poaching from Parks: combating wildlife crime in protected areas (A session organized by the Government of Australia showcasing organizations, protected areas and people involved in the prevention and prosecution of wildlife crime)
Location: Hall 5

Joe Walston (WCS)
SOS – Saving Species in Protected Areas
Location: Hall 2 Nth Pod
Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Julie Kunen (WCS)
Reaching Conservation Goals by Strengthening Protected Area Systems across Latin America: Case Studies in Innovation
Location: Jamison Room

John Robinson (WCS) and Michael Painter (WCS)
Respecting Indigenous & Traditional Knowledge and Culture
Local to Global Leaders’ Dialogue: What needs to happen in the next 10 years to support local efforts?
Location: Hall 4B1


Michael Painter (WCS), co-authors David Wilkie (WCS), Robert Mwinyihali (WCS)
Enhancing the Diversity and Quality of Governance
The Use of Social Assessment Tools in Promoting Good Governance in Central African Protected Areas
Location: Touchscreen 4


Ambroise Brenier (WCS Madagascar Marine)
Governance of New Marine Protected Areas in Madagascar
Date and Time: Tuesday, November 18, 3:00-3:30pm
Location: French Pavilion


SMART Presentation
[The SMART coalition includes CITES/MIKE, Frankfurt Zoological Society, North Carolina Zoo, Panthera, WCS, WWF, and ZSL]
Location: Members Bar

John Delaney, jdelaney@wcs.org (1-347-840-1242)
Mary Dixon, mdixon@wcs.org (1-347-840-1242)
Stephen Sautner, ssautner@wcs.org (1-718-220-3682)

About the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
MISSION: WCS saves wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature. VISION: WCS envisions a world where wildlife thrives in healthy lands and seas, valued by societies that embrace and benefit from the diversity and integrity of life on earth. To achieve our mission, WCS, based at the Bronx Zoo, harnesses the power of its Global Conservation Program in more than 60 nations and in all the world’s oceans and its five wildlife parks in New York City, visited by 4 million people annually. WCS combines its expertise in the field, zoos, and aquarium to achieve its conservation mission. Visit: www.wcs.org; http://www.facebook.com/TheWCS; http://www.youtube.com/user/WCSMedia Follow: @thewcs.

WCS Experts at the WPC
To contact any on this list, email jdelaney@wcs.org; mdixon@wcs.org

John Robinson;                                     Executive Vice President Global Conservation Program, Conservation & Science
Susan Lieberman;                                 Vice President, International Policy
Chris Golden;                                        Director of HEAL (Health & Ecosystems: Analysis of Linkages) Program
Katy Mathias;                                       Project Manager, Conservation Trust Investment Survey
James Deutsch;                                    Vice President, Conservation Strategy
Andy Plumptre;                                     Director, Albertine Rift Program
Ambroise Brenier;                                 Director, Madagascar Marine Program
Gaspard Abitsi;                                     Country Director, WCS Gabon Program
Robert Mwinyihali;                                Project Manager, Okapi Faunal Reserve, and Project Director Ituri Landscape, WCS DRC Program
Michel Masozera;                                  Country Director, WCS Rwanda Program
Kirstin Siex;                                          Deputy Director, Africa Program (WCS)
Matthew Hatchwell;                               Chief Executive, WCS EuropeMary Dixon Senior Vice President for Communications
John Delaney;                                       Assistant Director of Communications
Susan Tressler;                                     Vice President, Program Development
Ray Victurine;                                       Director, Business and Conservation Initiative & Conservation Finance
Michael Painter;                                    Director, Conservation and the Quality of Human Life Program
Emma Stokes;                                      Regional Advisor and Conservation Scientist WCS Africa Program
Alicia Kuroiwa;                                      Coordinator, Conservation Program Management, WCS Peru Program
Alexa Montefiore;                                  SMART Partnership Program Manager
Saw Htun;                                            Deputy Country Program Director, WCS Myanmar Program
Robert Tizard;                                      Technical Advisor, WCS Myanmar Program
Madhu Rao;                                          Director & Regional Technical Advisor Conservation Hub - WCS Singapore
Scott Stanley;                                       Country Director, WCS Lao PDR Program
Alex Diment;                                         Senior Technical Advisor, WCS Cambodia Program
Ross Sinclair;                                        Country Director, WCS Cambodia Program
Joe Walston;                                         Vice President, Field Conservation Programs
Shirley Atkinson;                                   Assistant Director, Wildlife Health & Health Policy Program
Julie Kunen;                                          Executive Director, Latin American & Caribbean Program
David Wilkie;                                        Director, Conservation Science and Solutions
Kate Mastro;                                         Program Officer, Conservation Science and Solutions
James Watson;                                     Director, WCS Climate Change Program
Todd Stevens;                                      Executive Director, Conservation Science and Solutions
Inaoyom Imong;                                   Cross River Gorilla Landscape Director, WCS Nigeria Program
John Calvelli;                                        Executive Vice President for Public Affairs
Deo Kujirakwinja;                                 Director, Eastern DRC Projects
Anak Pattanavibool;                              Country Director, WCS Thailand Program
Caleb McClennen;                                 Executive Director, Marine Program
Adriana Burbano;                                  Country Director, WCS Ecuador Program
Lilian Painter;                                       Country Director, WCS Bolivia Program
Mariana Montoya;                                 Country Director, WCS Peru Program
Andriamandimbisoa Razafimpahanana;    Project & Information System Management Coordinator, WCS Madagascar Program
Stacy Jupiter;                                        Country Director, WCS Fiji Program
Emily Darling;                                       Coordinator, WCS Marine Program - Coral Reef Monitoring Initiative
Muthanna Pandira (P.M. Muthanna);       Assistant Director Conservation, WCS India Program
Oscar Loayza;                                      Deputy Director, Greater Madidi-Tambopata Landscape Conservation Program
Simon Hedges;                                     Asia Elephant Coordinator and Elephant/Ivory Expert
Ruth Starkey;                                       Technical Advisor
Dale Miquelle;                                       Country Director, WCS Russia Program