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Recent study suggests experience of old matriarchs may help herds survive in age of climate changeNEW YORK (August 11, 2008)—A recent study by the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) suggests that old female elephants—and perhaps their memories of distant, life-sustaining sources of food and water—may be the key to survival during the worst of times.In particular, experienced elephant matriarchs seem to give their family groups an edge in the struggle for sur...
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Exhibit Located in New York City’s First "Green" Renovated Landmark Building: The Lion House, a 1903 Beaux-Arts Jewel Look into the Eyes of a Lemur and See How We Can Work Together to Save Our Planet “Madagascar is the naturalist's promised land…There you meet bizarre and marvelous forms at every step.” Philippe de Commerson, French Explorer (1771) Bronx, NY – June 19, 2008 – The Wildlife Conser...
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To save Madagascar’s pristine forests and combat climate change, WCS and the government of Madagascar agree to launch a massive carbon sale, totaling more than nine million tons.
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In Mongolia, increased vehicular and pedestrian traffic is strangling the narrow migration corridor for the saiga—Asia’s odd-ball antelope with the enormous schnoz.
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A WCS study finds that the prospects of coral reefs in the age of climate change have improved. Reefs living in sites with variable temperatures are better able to survive warm water.
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